Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mail Means Business

How can your direct mail program influence purchases at all levels in and around your business?

When B2B Marketers meet the items listed below there is a better than average chance that direct mail is going to be one of the best marketing vehicles available to them

Something Intangible: Some products or services are so complicated that they are hard to articulate in a quick pitch. A miler can spell it out for them

Multi-year contracts: Lengthy contracts require a lot of hand holding to sell which makes them a prefect candate for the personalized approach that direct mail can bring

Long sales cycle: Direct mail is a low key way to keep companies in touch with prospects during a long extended sales process.

Hard to reach customers: Print ads are seen by only a reaction of a targeted nitch audience. Direct mail can go directly to the decision maker’s mail box and desk.

Large ticket items: Direct mail helps prospects establish a high comfort level before making a big purchase.

Larson Notes & Satire: If you go after this kind of customer better take a look at what direct mail can be doing for you. It is amazing the kinds of doors that can be opened that other sales and marketing tools can’t do. Put this together with a SEO and telemarketing campaign and stand back and watch the leads fly!

Howard Larson
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