Friday, March 19, 2010

The 6 Basic Buying Motives

What are the buying motives that would cause a person to go from no to maybe to yes? There are so many false objections running around that it might confuse the average salesperson. But not to worry; really they can all fit quite neatly into one of the 6 basic categories. Once you are able to identify the category that the prospect is in you can then concentrate on matching your product or services benefits to the true motives of your intended customer. You can then match your sales presentation to the exact needs of THAT person and company and take them through the necessary steps to signing on with you.

1. Profit or Gain: The buyer cites saving money, making money, the economy, increasing profit, increasing sales, a desire for better quality and or personal advancement as the reason to make a purchase.

2 Fear of Loss:
The buyer wants to reduce costs, prevent loss, guarantee safety, save time, protect property, health increase quality and security, reduce risk and or reduce blame.

3 Comfort & Pleasure:
The buyer seeks enjoyment, good health, comfort, good food & drink, good housing, beauty, sexual attraction, entertainment, sports, recreation, improved employee morale and or to keep attracting better employees.

4 Pain Avoidance: They buyer wants protection, relief from pain, less work, to save time, increased security, good health, less sorry, to be more attractive and or to reduce loss..

5 Love & Affection: The buyer values family, social approval, beauty, admiration, security of loved ones, loyalty, friendship, better public relations, and or better employee relations.

6 Pride & Prestige: The buyers top considerations are social acceptance, a desire for style, fashion, high quality, learning, advancement, admiration, imitation, self-improvement, honors, recognition, leadership, an improved product, beating the competition, higher sales, and or a good public image.

How can you zero in and identify your prospects top buying motive?

1st, start by asking questions.

2nd, listen for their answers

3rd, listen to their comments during the presentation

4th, observe Study the prospect and their surroundings which might just reveal evidence of interests and motives to who they are and how they think.

Larson Notes & Satire: Yes I know, nothing new here right? Sorry. There really is nothing new in sales. Except technology. Good old tried and true sales knowledge and practices still works today just like it did the first day I hit the road and made my first f2f sales call. But still, it never hurts to look them over and review. Heck, maybe you forgot 1 or 2 or 3. I know my brain leaks.

As it is Salespeople are not a bunch of talkers but rather we are a lot of hard working listeners. As I was told early in my career, God gave you 1 mouth and 2 ears use them in that proportion.

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