Thursday, May 28, 2009

Using Surveys To Improve Direct Marketing

Pre, mid and post marketing campaign surveys as a simple and cost efficient way to gather feedback from customers to make your message even more appealing, but they still need a reason to respond.

You can conduct tests, give out coupons or incentives offers works wonders to get a reply. You can then cluster responses and analyzing the details to h alp you find the super users who can and are willing to provide you with additional insight into the core elements to your campaign.

Then after all that work don’t forget to optimize your data on-line. And put in time tracking analytics to gain even more information

These steps will help you work your campaign to get better results as you massage it for your target audience on the fly.

Larson Note: It is all about connection. Know what you want when you start your campaign and then iron out the small detains as you go. Eash time narrowing in on the bulls eye.

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