Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Social Media Cost Effective?

Social Media can be a great way to maximize money and find low cost ways to market your business. But think it though form start to finish as best you can. There are dollar costs as well as time costs. Lake any marketing program you put in place it has to offer a real value to your bottom line and give a positive experience to your target audience.

You need to be realistic in your SM attack and pick one tool at a time, learn it, use it and then add in a second tool. If you are not carful you can easily engulf yourself into a whirl wind of SM turmoil and not achieve anything even close to ROI let alone new customers for your business.

Larson Note: At his stage in its history Social Media is capitalism at its purest form on earth. As you sow so shall you reap. It’s small, quick and very communicative. Mess up and spam your followers and fellow SW’ers and you will get a reputation. You will get booted out and sent to the spam box. Or worse yet your communications will be instantly deleted or you will be put on ignore.

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