Thursday, May 21, 2009

4 Marketing Do’s and Do Not’s

1. Do tailor your message to fit the recipients you are targeting. Recycling a mailing piece originally intended for one segment, say men and try to portion it at woman will just not do it. It is better to not advertising at all then to get lazy and send out the wrong message

2. Don’t just talk about equality. Your company and brad will win more loyalty in the market if your company is known for supporting its employees. Human rights issues do make a difference.

3. Do remain sensitive to potentially offensive phrases. People use sexual preference and sexual orientation interchangeably. If you are in the gay and lesbian community you would look at it as something that we are not something that we chose. The same is true for race, creed and religion.

4. Don’t be afraid of being complex. Consumers have gotten much more sophisticated and expect a deeper greater depth and breathe in the advertising content we put before them. We all want to be thought of as multi demential not one-demential. We are not a man or woman, white, black Hispanic, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i but all of these things on combination.

Larson Note: Diverse Segment Marketing. Get use to the term because it is going to be a very common in marketing circles soon enough You need to look at the whole package, all the channels you can push into every one given market. Mail, phone, email, ads, Social Marketing, twitter, facebook, MySpace, nings, Merchants Circle. They are like building blocks, setting one up upon the other to make your house. And the foundation of your house? Your company’s consistency.

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