Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Leads with no budget

How can you find and generate more leads when your budget is running on empty?

Look in your data bank and warm up those seemingly cold leads. Maybe you were just a little too quick to put them out to pasture. Maybe there is gold in those names. Quite often these are prospects that were not quite ready to buy. The timing was not right for them, and it is there timing that is important not your need to make another sales for the month.

Reach out, call them, email them, send them a card. Just get your name in front of their face.

Another prime spot for leads is that chamber you have been paying dues to these last few months or years. It’s time to get the payback. Start calling those people you have been sitting with at the monthly lunch. Join one of the associations committees that allows you to use your or talk to members about them and yourself. (Do I hear membership committee?)

Can you talk? There are hundreds of “clubs” that have hungry program directors begging for a speaker. Talk about your business or industry and a reoccurring problem hand how to solve it. NO hard sell but make it clear that you can offer help to these kinds of problems. I sure do when I talk.

If you blog and you have a good one, email a copy to current clients and prospects. Once again you are showing off your knowledge and ways that you can help them in their business.

Larson note: Take away their pain. Show them the road to the cure to what their problems are and how you can help elevate their pain. People always more form pain to pleasure. Don’t you?

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