Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 5 P’s for a Powerful 1st Presentation

Generating new business is a long hard painful process even when times are good.

1. Prioritize: The more calls you make the less attention each call receives. Use the 20/80 rule and invest in more in your income producers.

2. Prepare: You must come to the inni8tail meeting ready to suggest possible reasons the two of you should be talking. You goal however is to more to an inquiry about the clients perception, feelings and needs

3. Personalize: Salespeople need to build a system for getting referrals. The odds of a sucesful meeting do up with a referral.

4. Practice: Don’t just walk into a meeting. If you want to be a pro act and present like a pro. Write out your presentation. Yes write out a scrip to you know where you want to go with it.

5. Pre-Position: The best salespeople get an agreement with the client on the objectives to the meeting but before it starts. They request information in advance that can help maximize the time and effort to outline the steps that are needed to more to the next stage.

Larson Note: When you have an appointment be ready, work out plan as to how you want the appointment to unfold. It can get very hard to balance out the need to work your current customers and go out looking for more. Find a balance (or heir us) to keep your sales pipeline full.

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