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Why Business Consistency is So Important

People are always preaching that when it comes to marketing: “consistency is key!” But why? What’s the big deal about marketing consistency? 

First marketing consistency is about building trust

In order for people to trust you, they have to feel like they know you In order for them to feel like they know you, they must be aware of you, recognize you, and remember you. In order for people to recognize and remember you, you must show up in a way that’s consistent

Here you are, spending your time and effort on marketing, and nothing seems to be happening. Did you know as of Mar 21, 2022, there are currently over 1.93 billion websites online. That is a lot of online competition.

If you want to become recognized and remembered in order to earn  trust, you must show up in a way that’s consistent so you can be consistently seen

Consistency helps you avoid the “who is this again and why are they in my Facebook feed?” — and keeps the process of building company trust.

Why Consistency Matters

A big mistake people make is thinking that marketing is a process of getting in front of as many people as possible where a percentage of them are sure to say, “yes, this is brilliant, where do I sign up?!“ well. . .  name recognition beats number of names every time.

All businesses have days that are filled with putting out fires. Because of that, the problem of the urgent can often overshadow the importance of constant marketing.

More than likely, you answered yes to both of those questions. If that’s truly how you feel, look for ways to keep the urgent tasks at bay and focus on what’s really important.

While you want people to buy whatever you’re selling the instant they see it, you know it just doesn’t work like that. You know that’s not how buying decisions are made because that’s not how you make decisions is it.

When people don’t know you, they’re not sure whether they can trust you — it doesn’t matter how brilliant your first impression is. They’re going to go out and consider a few more options, or maybe wait a little longer until the time is right…  for whatever reason, they’re just not ready. And it is their reasons so your needs don't matter

Awareness is a process.

It might take them seeing you in their field of vision 15 times before they’re really super-awesomely aware and remember people only see 1 our of 3 marketing messages. so that is (ouch) 45 messages to the same person!

So, you’re gonna need a way to get in front of those people a second, third or eighty times so you can prove to them you’re credible, trustworthy, and the best option available from all the others they might be considering.

This is where a consistent message is needed to provide the glue of consistency in your message (both your words and visuals) and that has the power to speed this whole trust- and awareness-building process up.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to wait for the perfect time, that was yesterday.
The second best time is now. 
But if you have no time? 

Call Larson & Associates
1. We Make Sure Your Message is Clear 
2. Create A Marketing Plan 
3 We Set A Realistic Schedule 

4 We Create And Batch Your Content 
5, We Will Break Your Plan Down To Smaller Workable Action Steps 
6. We Set Up A Support System And Accountability 

As always, I really hope you’ve found these thoughts and idea useful and that you’ll take them and apply them to your own business. But if you can't or need help you can call us. Larson & Associates 847-991-1294


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