Monday, October 19, 2020

Direct Mail Is Part of a Successful Marketing Plan


Covid changes everything.

Covid changes nothing!

We are in a world where everyone and their brother is scrambling to get “data-driven” “content driven” marketing out there yet the old rules still apply. You know rules like people see or hear 1 out of 3 marketing messages you send out and it takes 9 views so it takes on average 27 marketing messages to find a new customer. I was data-driven before it was the thing to do. In the old days it use to be called “direct marketing.”

As a marketing person who started my working life as a printer, a typographer and an advertising man I have a long history of direct marketing. I’ve never understood the push to throw the print marketing under the bus when it should be kept as part of the marketing equation and not what the pure social media guys want to do in their definition of an all digital marketing attack. Both complement each other and if used correctly build upon each other.

Print is high cost, high touch, high impact.  Digital is lower cost, low impact. Add in teleprospecting and you have the glue to drive your message home in a very low tech high touch way.

What I am I saying? I like to think print brings an air of importance, a high-credibility to marketing messages. The "If it is in print it must be true mentality."

Take a look at the average response rates!

Direct mail has average response rates from 4.9% to 9%. (If the list and the message is constructed correctly). Digital channels have conversion rates ranging from 0.77% to 1.3%. But where one is weak the other is strong. Typically, print can touch a customer only a handful of times per year, but it’s a powerful touch that drives action. Meanwhile, digital can follow a person everywhere, every day, year-round, all the time, keeping mind awareness high.

If digital and print complement each other, what are the facts behind the claims of higher success? The numbers are clearly out there on the result side. Of those marketers who incorporate direct mail into their multichannel efforts, 80% reported seeing better results, sometimes dramatic. 

Simply put, print is an important and integral part of a digital marketing plan.

Then you add in teleprospecting and you get a 38% bump in your response rate! 80% becomes 110%. And what if I am wrong and your print-digital only gets you 25% response? Well do the numbers 25% with teleprospecting becomes 34.5%. Not too shabby huh?

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