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Email Marketing Your Business Needs It


Email Marketing
Your Business Needs It

Email marketing is a powerful content marketing technique that you need to be using. There are lots of moving parts in any kind of marketing and email hits upon almost all of them.

  • Planning
  • Calendar
  • Content Development
  • List 
  • Follow-up

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They may seem obnoxious, but if done right, if you utilize effective email marketing techniques and protocol, you can actually increase the number of customers quickly. Really!

The key to successful email marketing is targeted niche marketing

Go it alone if you want but why?
We Know How


How Does it Work?
Email marketing isn’t just sending emails to as many people as you can. There is really more to it than spamming away. Email marketing is the process of sending carefully crafted, highly optimized messages worded and designed to tickle the prospect's interest through an email or series of emails to targeted consumers. It includes the process of developing promotional emails, testing, and maintaining them as well. And a little specialized software we have that rates subject lines helps too.
Email marketing can be used to increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and deliver important information.

How Do You Market Using An Email?
It all starts with your list. We do list building for customers but this is where it starts. Organically building, opt in off a social site, networking or trade shows a list is a living thing growing and contracting as you market to it.
You MUST give people an option to opt-out people do move in and out of interest. By law it must be there.
Keep your email list secure. You list is money in the bank. 

85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics! Is it the time to include email marketing into your marketing strategy.

Fast, Efficient, Cost-Effective

Email marketing provides you a way of reaching out to both customers and prospects

Maybe getting them to your web site of landing page.
A way to nurture leads to convert into sales.

What Else Is Email Marketing Used For?
Build trust with customers over time, in order to turn them into repeat customers.
An effective way to keep your customers informed about new ideas, services and  products you can offer them.
To stay up-to-date about your company in real-time.

Fact is, 28% of US online shoppers report subscribing to store or product emails in order to stay informed on companies or products they care about.

Do you need email marketing?
 of Internet users use email
75% of adult online users say email marketing is actually their preferred marketing method!
About 1% of your followers will typically see a Facebook post unless you’ve boosted it using ad dollars.

You need a way to keep in contact with your customers to help them stay up-to-date with your business, start with email marketing.

Another big difference between email marketing and other forms of marketing is that people actually want to see your email promotions! The typical Larson & Associates email gets between 12% to as high as over 77% open rates!

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