Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Quick View Of Some Of Our Services

Make The 4th Quarter Work To The Maximum!

Is It Time To Make Your Move?

At this time of the year many of our clients add hours or start a campaign in the 4th and 1st quarters. With our trade showwork every year at this time, if you are thinking of starting a campaign or adding hours to your current campaign, contact us today! These two quarters are great times to prospect! And we don't want you left out.

Here is a quick view of some of our services:
  • Appointment Setting
  • We get you actual sit down meetings with the prospects you are looking to meet!
  • Lists are provided
  • Inside Sales
  • We can work your house accounts, dormant accounts, or smaller accounts for you; freeing up your strong sales people to be out closing!
  • Data Cleansing
  • Customer Surveys
  • Association and Trade show work
  • Membership Drives
  • Renewal Calls
  • Trade show Registrations
  • Prospecting for exhibitors or sponsors
  • Fill seminar seats
If you want to finish the year strong, start 2020 strong, increase your current amount of weekly hours, or start a new campaign, CONTACT US TODAY! Give me a call at 847-991-1294, and we will get you started!

Friday, November 1, 2019


Once you recognize the need for change, you need to do something about it. Immediately!

So What Direction Are You Headed?

Once you recognize the need for change, you need to do something about it, right? Otherwise, it’s of no benefit at all. But you can’t just start running down any path to victory you find. After all, what if you are heading in the wrong direction? That’s why you need understand to your targeted niche.
In the world of business, that starts with knowing and understanding your audience.


A niche is the most important business asset to your company!

Above anything else, the one thing you need to protect at all costs is your niche dominance. If a piece of equipment breaks down, your best employee quits, or a competitor moves in across the street, you know they can refocus, adjust and rebuild. But, if you lose your niche focus, you could lose your business.
If you think like this and view your audience as the one entity, you will also make better decisions. You’ll begin to view every decision through the lens of “How will this affect my niche?” For example, if a piece of equipment breaks down and creates a subpar part or an employee is speaking to customers poorly, you can and will address it. If you don’t, these could cause you to lose your niche.

A niche guides your business direction.

Every business owner, understands that people are more than willing to share their opinion about a product or service.
The thing you need to determined is: whose voice they are listening to.
By knowing and understanding your niche, you know who to pay attention to and who you can ignore because they’re not a part of your target market.
Smart companies realize that knowing their niche will save you time, effort, and money because you’re not wasting these precious resources on people who would never buy from you anyway. As Seth Godin says, “Not everyone is your customer. The key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

Do You Know Who Your Niche Is?

Niche marketing lets you provide customers with products and services they need. By focusing on a niche you end up having an upper hand over the competition because of your niche specific understanding with the perfect products and services.
If you are lost in finding your niche give me a call:
1st we learn about your business
2nd we take your list or build you a list of potential customers
3rd we market you into those prospects and hand over to you organized, prequalified people, and companies

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The first step smart companies, all companies need to do is recognize the need for change.

While simply recognizing that need might sound “too easy,” the truth is that there are many in the world today who have yet to take even this first step.

Those smart companies take the time to assess things such as:
  • How has my business changed in the last year?
  • What new things am I trying?
  • How am I growing?
If you struggle to come up with answers to those questions, you’re not alone. Many businesses hold fast to this idea that doing the same things over and over again will yield different results. No you and I both know you will only get the same results you have always gotten.. So are their answers?

Yes but remember it takes changing things and change is hard. It brings with it periods of uncertainty, of doubt, and it seems to inflame even the tiniest of insecurities. But, once those smart companies learned to anticipate and embrace the changes necessary to grow their businesses, they were better (and most likely bigger) for it.

If your marketing has stalled out maybe its time to call Larson & Associates

In Chicago we have a saying "I got a guy" 
In the world of Business to Business marketing you can now say "I got a guy" .
Make the call to get the marketing guy to make the changes you need, today.