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Who Is Making Your Calls?


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Who is making your calls?
Your Sales People
Or A Trained Teleprospecter?

How long would it or will it take for your outside sales people to learn about phone work? 1 Week? 1 Month? Maybe never?

Telemarketing generally involves a high volume of sales calls made to long lists of recipients. The goal of the telemarketer is to reach a as many people as possible to start moving them along a structured sales process. i.e. the sales pipeline. It most often involves a scripted pitch or bullet point free  form if the telemarketing is good enough. It can be very one sided if the person working the phones has not taken the time to know about you and your company.

The interaction is not usually very complex as the caller is offering a simple product or service to a targeted niche audience. the more targeted the better the result.

With our wide range of ONSHORE telemarketing services include, inbound sales, inbound customer services, outbound research, teleprospecting, telemarketing, telesales and outbound lead generation. We have the person you need.

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Instead of scripts, the goal is to engage a decision maker in a meaningful interaction to gain an understanding of their business needs and to help match those needs with a solution, service or product which you already know you provide to build healthy long-term relationships with your clients with our excellent communication skills.

Because of this, a telemarketer needs to be more seasoned, with the experience to understand the nuances of a business conversation, and with the ability to listen intently and ask the right questions to draw out qualifying lead information. Wait did I say ask questions? Where did that come from?

The goal of the call is to learn and determine if your product or service will be able to meet the specific business needs of the prospect and then set next steps in the sales process. If you nitched yourself the answer is 95% yes.

Who are they calling?

In teleprospecting, before a caller even picks up the phone they will have been researched for the best title contact(s) at a company who would be involved with the decision making process.

A teleprospector will make calls to high level evaluators and key decision makers with whom they can start a conversation, often if possible using referrals to target the key decision maker. Because of the complex nature of the sale, it is appropriate and necessary to reach the highest level executive in the organization responsible for the business solution being pitched.

How do you measure success?

 Perhaps the most defining aspect between telemarketing and teleprospecting is how success is determined. Everything is about results. After working through a list a telemarketer will have a number of successful calls based on numbers of dials, numbers of actual sales or appointments made, or even the number of people they were able to pass along down a sales pipeline. Normally if there is a sucessful call made it is unlikely we will revisit those prospects again as the call will have ended in a simple yes, no, or incomplete.In teleprospecting, the success of the call is not as easily measured by numbers. The goal for a complex B2B call is to develop qualified, actionable sales leads.

Questions to ask yourself before determining if you should use telemarketing

  • Is your solution, product or service complex or commodity?
  • Do you have a defined niche market or can you cast a wide net?
  • Will your business benefit from high volume transactions or a targeted, complex sale?

Both telemarketing and teleprospecting have their place in a successful sales strategy – applying the right methodology in the right situation at the right time will determine the success of your telesales efforts.

It is time for you to make one more call!

Face it, would't you would rather be making sales and running sales appointments than sitting at your desk and making phone call after phone call to find that one YES.

I have a customer who hates making phone calls. I mean he hates it with a passion. In the time it takes Geno (I'll call him Geno because that is his name). In the time Geno to make 1 call Elizabeth can make 9! That's right 9 times the productivity.  So what do we do for him? We pick up the phone and make calls. One after another. We are happy and he is happy!

So pick-up that 100 pound phone to call for the help you want and make your last cold call to 847-991-1294. We will talk to you as a fellow sales person who has been down in the trenches looking for clients. Call us because. . .  

We Know How!

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