Monday, August 30, 2010

Working Multiple Channels Is Not a Strategy

The number of marketing channels you have available to you has grown and is still growing. As you look out over the horizon of your world, you’re going to see all kinds of ways to push your business. As great as that might seem don’t get caught in the being everywhere and spinning your wheels in the abyss of too many marketing tools you are trying to use all at the same time. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Being everywhere is not a strategy, it is insanity.

As you start to expand, you need information on your customers. You need to know what the perfect buyer behavior is, so you can be where they are. You should start with 1 easily worked channel you can keep track of. Once you get a handle of that one, go to two and so on. Rarely should a small business go over 5 channels to work and watch. Going that high only is setting yourself up for failure because you can’t work that many marketing tools at 90% or above efficiency. It is always better to work fewer channels at maximum efficiency rather that spreading yourself out too thin.

By following this conservative approach of adding one channel at a time and working it into your program slowly you can yield bigger benefits

Larson Notes & Satire: I know you’re in a rush. We all are, Sales are down, you have a new idea to bring to the market, or you have all these new (marketing) toys you want to try. STOP! Unless you have an infinite amount of time (and sometimes money) to devote into Advertising and Marketing, be it mail, telesales, classified ads, blog, web site optimization, social media marketing. If you look at the Larson plan, I started very narrow with telemarketing, then direct mail, after that expanded into my first Social Media marketing experience at MerchantCircle. After that we moved out into a web site, then stared spreading out into other Social Media channels (infact everyone I could find), then contracted that number down to 9 that I am actively working after I found what was working and what was not.

Result, I am now getting at least 1 lead a week directly off of social media and my web site hits are up in triple figures. While this might not seem like a lot to you, in my little part of the world, this is big stuff, because not only are these leads directly in my niche but I don’t want to be the biggest telesales, target marketing company in the world, only the best.

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