Wednesday, August 11, 2010

B2B ROT (Return On Tweet)

Out of nearly 400 US Business Marketers 66% said that they are satisfied with the ROI of their twittering. The amazing thing is that 70% of these marketers spend only 30 minutes or less a day on twitter. 4 out of 5 marketers also said that they could not directly attribute any revenue to the micro-blogging site.

Some think that the effectiveness and relevance of twitter will fade over time but they are still out there pushing out their businesses messages. To the enthusiasts that are heavy twitters, they find that 20% attribute very tangible results and more than 1/3rd are more than satisfied with the return. Funny (not) how these successful Twitter marketers are more optimistic about Twitter’s future.

Not surprising, it was found that those marketers who are generating revenue thru Twitter are and get more active. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Some say (see below under Notes and satire) that Twitter is now more effective at driving traffic to a web site than SEM (search engine marketing). If that is true, how can you put a value on pushing out those tweets?

Half the people twit only once every other day, and quite a few are found to only be on twitter once a week. So if you’re not a daily twitter you’re not alone.

The most interesting thing, or is it, is that very few people are reporting that they had a way to do any kind of ROI on Twitter. Yes it’s the old guestament calculation.

* Twitter in B2B Marketing May 12-May 24, 592 completed surveys, Zoomerang

Larson Notes & Satire: Well I am one of those 34% of the people how do not like my ROI of tweeting. Not that I’ll stop mind you, but I want some return. But then, (this is the pause that refreshens) my web site hits are up over 900% over the last 5 weeks. Could this be attributed to twitter and posting my web site URL out there 12 or more times a day? I do know it’s not from keyword search because I’m so low unless I do a key word string or at least 4 words picked carefully in a word search I am so far back it’s not funny. Since real-time search started happening about a year ago (now yahoo and bing are doing some real-time search, not just google) the web game has started changing. Granted I’m not on the first 3 pages of an organic search, but somewhere someone is finding me and hitting on me.

Or is it my blogging. You are reading this so you know I blog, yet, but my blogging has been down a little (from 5 blogs a week to maybe 3) over the last 2 months but is it just that it is catching up with my past efforts?

Whatever it is, I must be doing something right and the even better thing is that is starting to translate into sales. Real sales! Yes money! And as good capitalist, I don’t keep score buy how many hits my web site gets or the number or retweets my follows give me or the number for “friends” & “followers” I have (not that that is not important) but by the number of sales I earn and the dollar amount of those sales in a given week or month.

So again I ask myself, am I happy with the ROI from twitter, I just don’t know, I just don’t know but just don’t ask me to stop what I’m doing. See me at .

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