Friday, August 27, 2010

Social Media Does Have A Cost

Time and money, money and time, which is the biggest cost of Social Media (SM).

If you have not allocated your resources you had better sit down and do it. Social Media can eat up time faster than a dog eating a steak. If you have not allocated money, there are more Social Media sites out there you can buy into that will not put back a single dime in your wallet. Choose wisely.

Now I have adjusted my schedule to work in social media marketing and networking, so I am not eaten alive. But what is the justification? I view social media as a way for client and prospect outreach as a way to shine in ways we can help them. I have often talked about nitch marketing and that is what I try to do with my social media outreach. Heck, if everyone of my friends told there printers about my business and what I could do for them in finding them new customers and solid leads I would be a very happy camper right now with about 6 – 10 more people working for me.

So keep in mind that even in free there is a cost. The cost of time and that can never be gotten back.

Larson Notes & Satire: A couple of days ago a site owner asked me to call him. I did, and for the next 27 minutes he beat on me how I should pay him money (not much but money is money) to be on his site which I had never gotten a single sale from. He told me how I did not have enough friends, how spamming peoples email boxes in a ning site was a good way to communicate, how my blogs were a worthless effort to market, how on his site no one read or looked at the front page. Well sorry Charlie, not going back to your ning page. You and your membership will now lose any insight my old graying blond head chooses to share. And for most of my readers all I am doing is sharing knowledge, I know most of you will probably not become customers and that’s ok. My reward, my payback is in the writing down my ideas and thoughts, which is a very powerful way for me to learn. That is why I do this. Most of you who are reading this know me, I am a B2B telesales and target marketer and do some web work for a couple of B2Cs. And if that is not bad enough if you’re not into graphics or printing even if you’re B2B might not be the best marketer for you at least in telesales work. Getting your web site up and doing some blog writing are a different story where I might be able to help you or anyone.

As for money for Social Media, I have set a strict policy to not pay any money, until in using a site for free brings me a customer, then I allocate some money in that direction, because then, I know there are people there who will use me and buy from me. Until that time, it is just a fishing trip.

So what’s in it for me? My biggest payback for the work I do in providing free information and thoughts is that my web site would not be on the first page of the Google search for the key word string “telesales for printers” if it was not for all my SM work and blogging. Thank you all my friend and readers.

Howard Larson
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