Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Real-Time SEO

Ok let’s get real about real-time search engine optimization. For just over a year now Goggle has been mixing social media content into its regular search results. If you do a key word search on something that is a current event you will see some SM sites popping up as the story unwinds. Well now Yahoo and Bing have jumped into the foray and now are doing real-time search. So if real-time was not important a month ago, well guess what, now it is!

The BP oil spill, the Toyota recalls, the postal increases, unemployment, foreclosures, healthcare all were and are being played out in real-time search.

So now I ask you, can you afford not to be working harder at your Social Media Marketing? If you are hammering out your message in a timely fashion they will find you.

There are 2 sides to the web, each running parallel to each other. One is the web world we all know and love where you post your site and it gets found. The other is one that keeps pace with what is happing in the world NOW. With the crawler-based logarithms pairing down though human driven social media useful content, reputation and timely ideas are picked up. This is a big move from the way search engines were looking at content. When you stop and think that 40% of all search quires have an element of time attached to them, the Search Company’s had to come to the realization that they needed to keep up as well. I mean when you want airline ticket prices to Arizona today you don’t want prices form a month ago. Who wants unemployment figures form a year ago? No, you want current up-to-date figures. When you what the scores of yesterdays baseball games you don’t want to see the scores from August 11, 2009, do you? Besides the White Sox won yesterday so bring it on!

You might want to move away from your Web Analytic reports and see how the search engine results actually come out when you do the key word searches. You might find some interesting patterns coming up. I know I do some keyword searches on myself every week, just for fun.

So you want to beef up your SM to get you into the real-time search game? First you need to investigate the environment to see it there is any justification for you to be doing it in your related field. Then see what is flying around about the kind of service or product you supply, does it fit? If you think it is worth it, then check for the freshness of your content. If for example you’re in the lawn business you might what to hammer in some seasonal terms to spike the interest of the crawlers. (No not night crawlers, well maybe yes, but not the kind I want to use to go fishing) Be ready to grab a hold of any opportunity that presents itself.

Now even though this is real-time search with a NOW kind of thinking, you need a long-term plan. You can mold your message around special moments in time, but you need to be marketing continuously in the social media movement, interacting, and responding to the communities, on a regular bases for you to have any long lasting results. Real-time search needs real time commitment. It use to all be about links, links in, links out, reciprocal links (links are still important and if you have a site and want to trade links with me let me know) but now it’s about the socialness of what is important to your customers, your prospects and the world at large

Larson Notes & Satire: It is sort of funny, or maybe it’s not, but about the same time that Yahoo and Bing started doing real-time search, my web site hits started going off the charts. I’m talking going up 900% in hits off the charts. I worked out a growth plan for the year and amazing enough I am right on target. I worked out my marketing plan or reformatted it a year ago this month and have held true to the plan and the budget I set for it. I redid my companies positioning structure 14 months ago and am gaining in the exact target base I want to be in. So I have and will stay on my plan and course of action. I will be a Big fish in a Little pond. It’s a sound strategy is working and working very well ty.

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