Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taming The Social Media Animal

No matter that there is a chance at massive exposure of your business in the world of Social Media, the brand building power of getting friended or retweeted, the ROI possibility of a Social Media marketing campaign. Many companies question the value of time involved in a social online presence. Many feel over whelmed by all the choices that are out there. Some are strapped in my thinking that they need a marketing person to be working with them.
As a business person you have at your finger tips a vast variety of tactics to work with. The key is to narrow your choices down to 3 or at the most 4. Work your skills at this limited number. Perhaps Facebook, Twitter, MerchantCircle, Yelp and one or two ning sites.
If worked in harmony you can get one post flying though 2, 3 or even all your sites with one posting. Pounding out your message, tactfully, non-spamfully.
Businesses can get the desired ROI through targeted messaging and community building. The key here is that it is social and you need to have some kind of involvement. Be it once an hour or once a day or even once a week. You need to make your presence known. So 1st, realize that existing and potential customers are already participating in and on the social media platforms, 2nd, that your competition is already out there hitting on your market. If you get there 2nd or 3rd, you will have to fight to be the expert in your area of expertise and that is a war that might not be winnable. The first one to a position in a customers or prospects mind is usually the winner.
It is your choice to have a social media presence or not. Sales can and do happen for small businesses. Through strategic planning, messaging and implementation of your social marketing drive, you will get results.
Larson Notes & Satire: Next month will mark 4 years of my social media marketing presence. I started with Merchants Circle and grew from there. I have gotten a few customers along the way, not as many as I might have hoped for, but I’ll take what I can get. I have staked out my territory and grew from there. I went out stacked my niche and kept narrowing it down and down and down, till my company is on a massive growth mode. We are a telesales & target marketing company that mainly specializes in graphic and printing companies.
Now, you tell me, who am I? That is what Social Media Marketing is all about.
Howard Larson
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