Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Your Online Talk Hooked Into You

At least for this year and into next if you want to be getting more activity you will need to find ways to coordinate your online social network marketing conversations to mesh with your social media and online presence.

As we go farther down the path of real time search, what you say, how often you say it and how you get other people to say it starts to become more important.

On this side of the computer screen we call it WOM or World Of Mouth Marketing on the other side of the screen we can call it chatter marketing.

Chatter might be your URL, it could be sharing images or videos, but it could have larger consequences for you. It could be making the key words that work on your web site better than the competition, the talk of the social media site you have a major presence in, As a result the key word strings you need to get found in an organic search start to become the norm for your group of friends.
It’s true. As the chatter builds and if done right key word stings can be manipulated to bring your web site more hits and thus higher SE ratings.

Larson Notes & Satire: Think about it. Me, the big fish in My little pond! I have a little telesales company that has niched itself to work with printers and other graphic companies. I don’t have a big 100 seat bullpen of people banging out calls. What I do have is a very good, dedicated staff of great people making targeted calls for discriminating printing and graphic companies who what more sales faster. Now if I went head to head online against the big telemarketing companies I will lose. Well maybe not but let’s not go there. Their site will probably be rated higher in the search engines and on a key word search, but if I use the key word string “telesales for printers” bingo I win! First page and the #4 listing brings up http://www.larsonassociates.ws/Printing_Telesales . The second page the number 4th search line or the 14th search line over all comes up with http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Larson.And.Associates.847-991-0488 . Me again! Heck even my twitter page twitter.com/larsonassociate comes up on page 6.

Go on try it, I dare you to see if I’m right!

So what do I need to do? Stop using the key word telemarketing in my conversations and start using the key word telesales. Then I get you all to start saying telesales. Easier said than done but, if it gets me on page 1 and page 2 of a key word organic search. I’ll do what I got to do!
Now can you do the same thing? I’ll bet you can. If not I’m sure I can find a company that could figure it out for you, and if it gets you on page 1 of a keyword organic search what is that worth?

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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