Friday, July 30, 2010

What Time Is Going Into Social Media?

In looking at Social Media and Social Media Marketing, isn’t it confronting to know that when taken as a whole only 40% of B2B companies have a dedicated person to work on their SM Marketing Plans? Most have only a part time staffer or person paying any attention to SM. So how many eyes are looking and being involved in a company’s SM Marketing?

2% - None
27% - One
42% - Two
15% - Three
4% - Four
10% Five or more

Ok so you know what you’re up against sort of. So of those working SM but what are they doing with their efforts?

Only about 2/3 of B2B Marketers are doing any kind of SM measurement. So out of the same study,

34% - Not Measuring
33% - Participation only
22% - Site traffic only
11% - Direct ROI

* Source WhiteHorse of a sample of 104 marketers across a range of industries.

Larson Notes & Satire: Is this good new or what? You can own your Social Media Marketing sites and arena even against the “big boys”. As I talked about yesterday about being a Big Fish in a Little Pond. That can be you. If you can keep a narrow focus on your service/product line and the channels you are using you can be the Big Kahuna, The Grand Poobar. It really is there for the taking.

If my web site can be getting a record number unique hits. If my company can be having the best summer of work in 6 years, all by doing the little thighs, so can you.

Note to self: Next business cards should have a my title Grand Poobar instead of owner.

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Trash Robot said...

Thanks guy's I just remembered you guys and what you were teaching over a year ago and how I joined your Ning page, well truth is I just made 5,000 followers on Twitter and well I very happy. Also I recognise the B2B Marketing because I get the UK version of the magazine through the post and via e-mail. It would be nice to attend again but now the talks and events are £350 pounds and I still not earned any money online, but I still pursuing this. Any lifelines again would be great. Thanks team.