Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where Is Web Advertising Money Going?

Working off of yesterdays blog “Closing the web sale” (if you missed it go back and have a look/see) I am taking us into where your competition is or might be going in their web marketing attack. Now let’s be clear this is a poll of major businesses not small fish who want to control their personal pond, or should I say Big Fish in a Little Pond? Never the less, it will show you where money is flowing to, at least by the heavy hitters.

39% - Paid Search
13% - Affiliate marketing
11% - E-mail (both house and prospecting)
7% - Comparison shopping engines and marketplaces
7% - Behavioral targeting & remarketing
7% - Traditional portal deals
3% - SEO and natural search
1% - Social Media
12% - Other

* Source: a unit of the National Retail Federation and Forrester Research from a sample of 109 marketers March thru June.

Larson Notes & Satire: Over the last year I have been focusing my main marketing online thrust into SEO, natural search and Social Media marketing to take advantage of real-time search, and I am happy to report that for whatever reason my web site, has been getting for the last month a massive increase in number of unique hits with last week being an all time record in that category. I had dropped out of e-newsletter marketing and went into blog marketing over a year ago. I am thinking of restarting my monthly emailed-newsletter but have made no decision on restarting it up yet.

Big fish in a little pond? It can be a good strategy for a small business. You might have to bring down your geographical attack, or nitch or position yourself (like I did) but I am proof that the results can be wonderful. You can OWN your market if you do it right.

So I use myself as an example for you to think of what can be achieved using only the bottom 4% of the online and search marketing. Record number of hits, sales up in the high double digits and one new associate taken on. You can do it and get the same results.

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