Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Social Media The New Sweat Equity?

If I have said it once I have said it a dozen times. When active in Social Media Marketing watch your clock. Set an alarm. Anything to keep track of the time you’re putting in. Social Media takes up time, much more time that it does money and time is money.

In the “Old Days” we called it sweat equity to building a business. Now here we are in the “information age” and we sell time and information so is marketing into Social Media the new sweat equity in building your business?

The clock keeps ticking as you go and respond to your information requests, friend requests setting up your profile page. Time again and time you are making an expenditure with. I suggest therefore that you view time as money. Emails replacing hand written notes. Welcome posts replacing walking to the new business in your complex and saying hello. Online virtual trade shows, group meetings. This is the new investment you are making.

Larson Notes & Satire: If you have the time to invest and you have the correct business that your SM group is looking for, SM might be a good way to invest your time. In sales there was a thought that you should never have lunch alone. Eat with a client, a prospect or a possible source of referrals. If SM is cutting into your productive working time, maybe you need to cut back and use it only as a lunch event, or your 15 minute break time at the water cooler. Or you can heir a SM monitoring service to keep track of inquiries, to write and post blogs and make the initial follow-ups though email or phone. Sitting back wondering, now what company would do that?

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