Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Closing the Web Sale or Not

So you finally did it. You sat down and put up or reworked your web site. Wonderful but did you take into consideration the new matrix of online selling?

These days it seems customers don’t just shop in a store or on the web, they are shopping both places as well as using their social media networks. For some even their cell phones are coming into play. As a business you can and must do a better job of engaging customers as they go moving around the web and the streets of the brick and mortar world, spending money.

Did you know that 30% of customers are using 3 or more channels before the finally buy something. Did you know that many online shoppers are still going out to stores to actually buy something?

If you want to engage in online selling or promotion do your homework and know the territory.

Why did you buy your Widgets in a store after researching online?
39% - To touch the product before buying
36% - To touch and compare several brands before buying
26% - Not Applicable. Always prefer to purchase online
22% - Need the product immediately
16% - To talk to a sales associate in person

Why did they contact customer service after researching online?
43% - Product/service information not online
22% - Did not want to enter personal information online
19% - Online buying process too difficult
19% - To inquire about return or refund policy
15% - To inquire about shipping options
9% - Did not want to buy an expensive item online

How often do you share your shopping results with friends on social networks?
55% - NEVER
22% - Didn’t know people did this.
12% - Not often
9% - Sometimes
3% - Frequently

*Art Technology Group Inc, Respondents could give several answers to some questions.

Larson Notes & Satire: Well do are you going back to do a remake of your fancy new web site or does it really matter? Over the last month my site has gotten a record number of hits. In fact last week was the highest number of hits EVER. Thus is the best summer my business has hand in over 6 years and my AR are the highest they have been for the last 7 years. We are launching a new service this fall out of cash flow, not a loan, so we in the Land of Larson are feeling pretty darn good.

Web wise what’s coming down? A totally new web look, but first we will tweak what we got a little bit more, keeping in mind our first job is keeping the customers we already have happy content and growing.

Howard Larson
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