Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Are You Doing Social Media?

Why are you involved in Social Media & Social Media Marketing? To pass the time away or to promote and make money for your business? I’m in it for the money. If I pick up a friend or two, wonderful but show me the money.

Social Media Marketing can produce spectacular results in more way than 1 but it needs to be carefully crafted and planned out sooner or later or it becomes a black hole of time and possibly money.

If you can develop a disciplined approach to your social media marketing you can reap in the promising rewards that are out there seemingly just beyond your reach.

The key is engaging people at the critical touch points of the buying cycle; you know the critical spots you engage people in when they are thinking about your product or service.

So when you sit down how can you get all this done and done in a way that lets you touch people in the way that want to be touched?

1) Get your audience right. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times: Go narrow nitch. If you try to be everything to everybody you will be no one to yourself. Look at your top 5 to 10 customers. Who are they, what are they and why do they buy from you?

2) What makes this group of people buy? What is special and unique that makes this kind of person buy? What triggers them to open up the check book? Emotion? Relevance? Originally? Need?

3) What is the 1 most important touch point? Of all those things what is the 1 most important point of why they buy? Go narrow my friend as narrow as you can. You can’t sell to the entire world but you can sell to those who need what you got.

4) Measure, monitor and do it again. Go on and tally up the numbers. From unique hit numbers to actual sales. Use some of that gray muscle up there in your head.

Larson Notes & Satire: Setting your tag line right Special Site Only Coupons. Special Site promotions. Whatever the mind can conceive you can do on your site. Push it, push it hard. Find what works for you as fast as possible and leave the rest and push hard in that direction.

You can’t and don’t want to be everything to everybody. Think of the inventory or the service line you would need to be providing? Ouch!

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