Monday, February 14, 2011

12 Steps To Your Success

If you are an entrepreneur, by choice or by necessity, I have a short list of important characteristics for you to look at, measure yourself and strive to become. Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. I really believe that, if I can, you can. It might take hard work, determination and unwavering persistence in the face of real and perceived hardship but you can become a success as an independent. Here are the essential entrepreneurial qualities that anyone who is interested in great success should work on:

1. Independence. No more guaranteed paycheck. No more guaranteed anything. This is the most common denominator or all entrepreneurs. We are an independent cuss of people. We tend to want control of our future. We are the captain of our ship, the Grand Poobah of the Lodge, the Head Honcho, the buck stops here guy. We chose to become our own boss instead of working a 9 to 5 job. Now we get to work a 6 to 7 job and smile about it. We have a strong sense of independence and will keep moving forward with a purpose to accomplish something great and meaningful our own lives.

2. Visionary. An entrepreneur has a vision for the future, their future. This vision is for both short term and long term. The accomplishment of greatness rests on their great ideas and accomplishments that are out there sitting to be achieved. We are the ones who paint a canvas of a future, our future. You might call us dreamers but we put those dreams into action.

3. Persistence. Churchill said it best. “Never give up… never give up… never give up.” A very important quality of a successful entrepreneur is the persistence to continue pursuing a goal despite setbacks, despite obstacles, despite nay sayers. We might encounter road bumps along the way but at least we have a road map to our personal success and our personal persistence is demonstrated with our personal action which is followed up by even more action. . We “Never give up.” It's just not in our nature.

4. Determination. If persistence needed a friend, that would be determination. Determination is the inner drive and mindset that pushes you forward that drives you over the top. Determined is not being stubborn it’s the self motivation to claw your way to success when everyone and yes sometimes it seems like everyone is against you, claw you way to achieve your goals.

5. Creativity. Entrepreneurs tend to be curious and inquisitive. As a group we know that the name of the game is not just to fit in, but to stand out. We want to be seen. Creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed. We all have the ability to be creative and think outside the box but as a group we tend to do that more than others.

6. Honesty. Winning and keeping customers is all about being known, liked and trusted, heavy on the trust! This has always been an important characteristic of success. If you are honest with yourself and with others you have mastered this one major ingredient to becoming a great entrepreneur.

7. Self-Confidence. As a group we believe in what they are capable of. Self-confidence is built on wins, tiny wins over and over until we are capable of almost anything we put our minds to. This keeps leading to bigger and bigger wins and is the fuel to momentum. A successful entrepreneur goes after what they want with a strong desire and sense of self worth that supports their efforts and their determination.

8. Risk-taking. We realize that loss and failure are part of any business possibility. An entrepreneur is always ready to make calculated risks and face whatever consequences those risks might have. We know that to win some they have to lose some, but loosing is a life experience to learn from and not do again and again and again.

9. Tolerance. We have the courage to face failure and start again no matter who, what, when, where and how we face life. The qualities of a successful entrepreneur include never giving up, never panicking in the face of obstacles and in picking up the pieces and continuing the journey even if failure momentarily sometimes gets in the way.

10. Perseverance. We never stop moving forward. I am not saying attack, attack, attack but when we know what they want and see what we can achieve in any given situation, we know why they want it will do whatever it takes! We do not give up! There can be no real success without perseverance.

11. Commitment. An entrepreneur will not achieve success if we give up at the first sign of hard work. A 100% Commitment is absolutely essential and that means a willingness to do whatever it takes for the long haul to achieve our goals, not letting the nay sayers have their way. Doing whatever it takes includes all the things we would rather not do or don’t like to do. Not just what we want and like to do.

12. Organization. An entrepreneur knows the value of being organized. Systems, resources, time management and action plans are all part of the organizational process and are vital for success. Being organized both mentally and physically is a skill that needs to be cultivated in order to make significant progress.

13. And don't forget your sigificiant other. They are so imporatant to keep in your mind and heart. Let them come with you.

Larson Notes & Satire: All of these qualities don't mean a thing unless you take action! To think a thing does not make it happen thinking is only the beginning! You must take action and you must keep taking action! Yes you need to believe but without action there is nothing but your thoughts. Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? This checklist is full of some of the best qualities and characteristics for you to check were you stand. If you can rate yourself at 8 (on a scale of 1-10) or better on these traits then you can absolutely be a success in business.

This is only the start to a world of self determination and entepreneurmentship, It’s not always pretty being the main Person but if you what to live by your rules and can handle the pressure, and there is big time pressure, do it. You will or might make mistakes and you need to be ready to fight thought those mistakes. It's not always pretty, in fact it can be ugly. If this is not for you, you can go back and find someone who will heir you for all your good qualities. You aren’t a failure if you can’t make a go at running your own company. It’s just another way to live.

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