Friday, February 4, 2011

Experience Use It Or Waste It

Experience is the best teacher. I have been told that since I don’t remember when. Then in the 80’s I learned the law of learning from other peoples experience. Nice but possible?

So let’s look at experience. Experience can be good if:
1. It has prepared you for today’s challenges.
2. It has made you comfortable with needed changes.
3. It has opened you up to welcoming new changes.
4. It has opened your eyes up to be able to look for new competitive advantages you can make.
5. You change wrong or bad habits before they become habits.
6. You keep learning how to simplify things and not complicate your life.
7. You can apply your experience to current events in a positive way
8. You can use experience to lift you up to new and greater heights.

Experiences are the building blocks that allow use to create our own future. If you can lean and discern the different experiences you have the good and get bad, you can lay a solid foundation to build your life and business upon. With good initiative and intuition you can be your own person not waiting for someone else to show you the way. Those of us who learn to make calibrated steady disciplined use of our experiences seem to move forward.

Yet there is a bad side of experience. Experience can be bad if:
1. Your skills are out of date. (Get cracking, life does not stand still for anyone)
2. You have locked yourself into bad habits. (Don’t be concerned about your appearance. It is all about substance)
3. You are resistant to change of any kind. (Don’t get trapped into what has not worked before. Change happens. Go with it)
4. You keep reliving the “Go old days”. (These are the good old days. Live in the now.)
5. You are afraid of making a mistake. (That is what experience is a compounding of action, both good and bad.)
6. You are applying old worn out solutions to new problems. (That is not using experience that is reliving the past.)
7. You are wasting time and energy on regrets of life. (The past is over, down, Period)
8. You dwell on past accomplishments. (I have a wall of awards; it hangs up on my wall and looks all pretty. I have a wall of medals and trophies but I want more. Is that bad?)
9. You follow the wrong people. (You need to be the lead dog, the front runner.)

Now I am not saying we don’t have bad experiences or that all bad experiences are to be considered bad. When you are having one or two, stop take a deep breath, suck it up, learn the lesson and go baby go! Deal with it. Don’t blame anyone for it. Make some solid choices. As you do consider:
1. If I continue to do this what will the consequences be?
2. What am I leaning that I can apply to right myself?

Minimizing bad experiences and Maximizing good ones. Experiences are the foundation to build yourself up. Each experience can serve as a building block to the next. What you do with it is the mortar between.

Larson Notes & Satire: Everyone once in a while it happens. Someone wants me to mentor them. Why? How should I know? I can tell them of life and life’s experiences from my perspective, which I do. I can have them go through various excursuses that might reveal their answers but what I cannot do is make that choice and make those actions for them.

I have always believed that each of us has all the tools we need for each challenge life thoughts at us. It is already in us to make the right decision. Look into yourself for the answers don’t look at me. I am me, unique and sometimes obnoxious. You’re you. If you want my help you might not like the answer(s). Why? Because I will make you think.

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