Thursday, February 24, 2011

Driving Your Social Strategy

Social Media has come. We know what Facebook is doing number wise, Likewise twitter, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle and others. Social Media is now established enough that it is considered an actual channel in marketing programs, be it so all over the place so that is hard to get a real handle on it.

To establish your Social Media marketing and presence requires an execution of some tired and true practices to get you credibility and trust. This is your investment not so much in dollars (unless you enlist a company like mine to do it for you) but an investment in time.

The key ideas that you need to be following to help you to create this social presence are reciprocity of and open relationship, keeping relevant and commitment to the long term of the site.

When someone chooses (and is a choice), chooses to listen and follow you they are doing it with a certain expectation of what to expect from you. For you to stay on topic and relevant to them. If you digress into other areas you are going to lose them. So stay consistent above all else. Going out and sticking up a profile page does not make you social either. You need to interact on a regular basis to become a “topical” expert in your field, a go to person.

So now what?

1) Interact. Don’t blast your friends with your emails about what YOU want. Enable a sharing attitude of your content throughout your channels.

2) Advertise. Yes you can advertise on and through social media but do it topically. Know your Social Media Place. Social Media by its very nature is supposed to drive people to action. Take a roll in that action.

3) Segmentation. If you are in different topical Social Media sites recognize that and stay on topic. If you are in a board based site, expound, if a narrow nitch site, so narrow, but again stay on topic of who and what you are and can provide.

Larson Notes & Satire: So are you ready, really ready to get involved in Social media or should you be hiring me to do it for you: . I am not what I call an expert. I am an active user that puts forth the effort to be engaged in Social Media. If flows and new things are always happening. Because we are actively involved we can implement quickly trends that are working for us into our clients programs. You can be doing the same thing. But you got to be active and be a player. There are few mistakes in Social Media except 1 and that is sitting around doing nothing.

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