Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Could Do With A Facebook Fan Page

Do you have a Facebook fan page? No? Why not? Stop right where you are and go make one. I am of course assuming that you are on Facebook.

How do you actually get people to like your page? I started with my friends (yes I have friends) who were or had a business related connection with me. Then I started posing my fan page in various places like social media sites and as a link of my email signature line, again all business oriented of course. If you are selling in the B2C world you might want to start using it on all your emails.

So you have a fan page with a few followers

The first thing you want to do is you want to start to create an offer Facebook. That they can only get on your Facebook Fan Page. What you are doing is to create exclusive Facebook content. To be sued by your Facebook fans.

If you are also on YouTube or if you are also on Twitter (we are going to talk about Twitter parties in another blog) the same thing can be applied, but for the Facebook content here are a couple of things you can do:

Give specific discounts for your fans. These discounts will only come up for your fans and they can use it if they are fans. You can track it that way.

Have fan-only giveaways by running an unofficial contest through your Facebook page and you will give away merchandise.

Have fans submit pictures or videos. Set the guidelines for the contest and have the fans create content for your site. Once they do then you go out there and pick a winner, based of course on the criteria that you set up.

Have exclusive stories, video clips, and things that you mentioned just on Facebook. You won't post it anywhere else so for them to get it they will actually have to come to your Facebook Fan Page.

The more that your content ends up getting liked then of course the more people are going to be watching that or looking at it and it gets passed around. You are in essence making Facebook your own little VIP club room and we know everybody wants to be treated like a VIP.

So go on and create your Facebook (VIP) Fan page today.

Larson Notes & Satire: This for me will be the next frontier. Now that I have most of my different social media sites have enough followers rather than do social media wide special I am going to work on exclusives. See which one gives me the most bang for my time and maybe push a few hard earned Larson Dollars in that direction. No use giving money to a Social Media site that does not produce, but it if does. . .

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