Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So You Want A Facebook Ad?

Let’s not just pick on Facebook let’s add in any kind of Social Media site. Keep your checkbook closed and your credit cards tight in your wallet.

If your thinking of advertising in and though Facebook plan carefully not just in the add and the target but the back end follow up and service. As you do keep in mind that Facebook users are far more likely to click on ads for entertainment, media sites, and blogs than for other kinds of ads.

This chart from a recent Webtrends survey of more than 11,000 Facebook advertisements measures click through rates (red) and cost per click (blue) for different categories of ads. There's a huge jump in click through rates for the last two categories -- Media & Entertainment and Tabloids & Blogs. In other words, stuff that's fun to discuss with friends.

Health care ads are the least successful, followed -- somewhat surprisingly -- by ads for Internet and software products.

Maybe that fits you but not me. I’m putting together my Facebook Fan group to go after a more B2B market but with only 126 fans it’s not there yet. Yet if your B2C and fit in the higher areas of media and entertainment you might not lose your shirt or if you have big enough pockets, go for it.

Keep in mind there are more social media sites aside from Facebook. If you’re B2C they might be your best bet right now but that could change in a month. Literally that fast. If you’re B2B you might want to look over sites like MerchantCircle or LinkedIn which are more business orientated. The key is to go where your customers are!

Larson Notes & Satire: No one picks Uncle Howie’s pocket. Yelp called me once and tried to get me to spend money on them, trying to show (show? No tell) me how successful they were with American Express. Well good for American Express but what do they have in common with Larson & Associates your premier Telesales Service for small business? It is funny how the delightful young lady could not answer that? Don’t worry I was nice to her.

But remember Cash is king. If you have it people will try to get you to spend it, on them.

If you need help with your business or marketing plan so you don’t get raked over the coals call us and we will set you up with a Larson planning expert or for long term we can put you on a consultant planning program.

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