Friday, February 11, 2011

Twitter 140 Letters Of Power

Twitter, what good is it. 140 letters or do you say characters? At any rate that is not a lot of ability to get your point across, is it?

Say you need a very special kind to dooger for a piece of equipment and don’t know where to get it. Tweet it out there and let the power of micro social media do its work. From your friends and followers you will get places to buy it, order it or another approach you might not have even though of and find you don’t even need it. And this can happen in the span of minutes and seconds rather than hours or needed to go to your one key supplier and take to their customer service desk.

Now if you look at my desk top it tends to get a little cluttered (like my desk) they tell me it’s a sign of genius and I believe them. I have my email account up. My Facebook, LinkedIn MerchantCircle and twitter all open. Scanning them once every 30 min to see if there is anything important I need to act on.

Because twitter messages are 140 characters or less there are people out there reading them all the time. You can use this. They are reading them on their PC’s as well as their phones. As a result of this mini message you can push out or grab in small bits of information.

To date Twitter has (only) 7% of the US population, 12 years old and over. That translates out to about 17 million users. That is much smaller than Facebook and its whooping 41% or the US population but the people using Twitter can be valuable because they tend to be more educated and more affluent then the population at large. 30% of Twitter users have a college degree, compared to 27% of the population as a whole. Additionally 51% of the Twitter users are out there following companies. Like I do.

Now the fun.
A somewhat new way a company or retailer can connect with its customers on twitter is to host a Twitter party. Yes you heard me a Twitter party; this is a party-like dialogue within Twitter for a set amount of time. The attendees use a hash mark say something like:  #LarsonLeads . Attendees use this “hash tag” as the search term to the conversation thread. You the host keep the tweets flowing by salting the conversation with questions and comments that revolve around the conversation and comments. As you keep customers and prospects engaged weaving in giveaways and tweet only specials, online coupons. Some of the larger Twitter Parties can range upwards of over 700, so we are not talking small here friends. This is big stuff and has netted some companies upwards of over $7,000 for one hour of work. Then there is the aftermath where you have gained new followers you might have never had before. Again it is a building process. Many companies are able to do these parties on their slow days or slow times of the day, making them more profitable.

If Twitter boots customer and prospect awareness it is working for many companies. I’m talking about actual sales, not “involvement”. Sales that translates to real money, something to base your ROI on, real numbers that would make your banker smile.

Larson Notes & Satire: Twitter is a unique online platform that lets you show off to prospects exactly who you are in bite size pieces. If you do it successfully you will be successful.

What are the demographics of a Twitter Person?
College Degree
30% - Twitter
27% General population

Advanced Degree
17% - Twitter
11% General population

Household incomes of over $100,000
13% - Twitter
10% General population

So you tell me. Do those sound like the kinds of customers you want to have?

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