Monday, March 30, 2009

Using Secret Shoppers In Economic Turbulence

When attempting to develop brand loyalty even in hard times is to create difference experiences that let you stand out from the pack and inspire your customers and prospects. Loyalty cards and point programs encourage repeat business but does not necessarily create long term customers. The program ends and the customers “fly south”.

Take a look at all touch points that your company has interaction with the customer. Is your phone system customer friendly? Do you invoices look professional? Is your welcome pack professional?

One way to keep you and your company in “shape” is to make use of a secret shopper. Don’t think you are too good for it. Get someone or hire a service to have someone go through the entire buying process with your staff. If you’re on a tight budget get a friend to do it for you. You could even do a reciprocal deal with them where you become a secret buyer for them.

If this person finds the purchasing experience satisfactory, great! But what about the after sale experience? This is especially important in a long term complex sale relationship. When they call or visit again is your staff ready to create a platinum experience for them?

Most marketing is focused on bring in NEW customers, but why not shoot some of that effort on keeping what you already have.

Larson note: Don’t ever think you are too good to improve. I’m not, you’re not. Believe me complacency breeds contempt. We can all do better. If you’re the best in your field raise the bar. Make it harder for your competition to out do you and WOW your business

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