Friday, March 27, 2009

E-Mailing In Economic Turmoil

In an economic downturn like we now have, if you can add customization to your marketing attck you will improve your effectiveness.

According to Forrester Research 77% of consumers say they find personalized product recommendations valuable when shopping. If you are able to tailoring individual e-mails with product recommendations based on a customer’s past shopping experience and history, it will allow retailers to increase their chances of making browsers into buyers. That is a hard enough task even in good times but when the market goes south it becomes even harder. If you go the e-mail route, you are able to re-engage your customer or prospect and get them center stage on what is or might be important to them.

Larson note: Engaging customers with information (about you) on topics that they are interested in is so important. Engage people, even online. Don’t whack them over the head with things they are not interested in. People are buying. Give them a reason to buy from you

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*Source: Forrester Research

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