Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Yahoo Products for Search & Display

Yahoo is launching 3 new search and display ad products which will allow Yahoo advertisers to better reach their targeted customers.

Trying to target the ROI (how many blogs have I been talking about this number to you now?) of yahoo business buyers or marketing and advertising services, Yahoo on February 24th announced 3 new tools to increase the performance of online advertising.

Search Retargeting
Enhanced retargeting
Enhanced Targeting

The Search Retargeting tool will allow advertisers to offer display ad placement though out the Yahoo network based on consumer search patterns.

The Enhanced Retargeting is for display ads that will incorporate behavioral targeting by allowing brands to personalize messaging within a display add.

Finally the Enhanced Targeting service will allow advertisers using Yahoo Search ads to more specifically target consumers by tie of day or week demographics. Companies and brands can very their bid patterns based on these variables.

The pilot program was launched in the 4th quarter of last year and these products in not available now should be some time this (March) month.

Larson Note: Looking to hit your nitch with paid searches. This looks like pretty good stuff if you want to pay the price. I do like the last service, Enhanced Targeting, most of all. To be able to vary the cost based on time of day or day of the week is, to me, an excellent idea. Think about it. If you’re a b2b company why would you want to pay the same price on weekends as you do Monday through Friday? This will enable advertisers to use engagement information collected to improve search ROI. Now what is Google’s response going to be?

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