Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basics for E-Mail Marketing

This is the time where running an email marketing program should start to shine. Low cost and effective.

I am hoping you; my blog followers here have been busy making up their lists. If not shame on you! Your list, be it snail mail or email is the most important marketing tool you have. If you need help starting out, put a opt in on your web site, ask people as they buy goods and services from you, put a fishbowl on your front desk or window, a collection bowl at your trade show booth (you don’t have to have a give-away but it helps in the collection process), but above all just get into the habit of asking for the address.

Next sit down and establish what your goals for doing this are. You need to know what you want to accomplish over time, not over a week. Now make your message engaging to your customer, “be the customer” “think like the customer” get in their shoes and mind. Once in that state of mind, provide them with the information they need. They are not going to care about your widgets. But they will like to hear of the BENEFITS of your new blue widgets over your red models, and who can tell them better than you. Share your tricks and information.

Of course we are assuming that the customer/prospect opens your email. That brings us to the title. The title or subject line is critical. If you have a large list you can test some titles before you blast out your email but if your list is small think the whole thing through as to what is engaging and what is not.

Don’t use CAPS, don’t use exclamation points. If you want hints on what not to use take a peek in your SPAM box. I’m sure there are plenty in there.

Finally treat your list like gold. Don’t abuse them with constant emailing. Over the last holiday season retailers went nuts blasting out email after email and yes maybe they got a few extra sales but it was at the expense of opt outs and unsubscribes of people they can no long email to.

Larson note:
I use email. Some of you know that some of you don’t. I have a once a month email newsletter (if you wish to subscribe to Mastering Marketing Monthly send your email address to ) I only sent once a month to give them (or you) an extra taste of Larson. I tell you practical tips that I have developed and collected over the years on Marketing, Advertising and Sales. These are things that I have learned (the hard way) and use myself every day. Follow them and you will get an increase in sales. Don’t and you will get the results you have always gotten. So what do I get from telling the world my secrets? I get a 3-6% call backs from people and businesses interested in using some aspect of my services. And that my friends is not too shabby.

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ZZBoy said...

Thanks for the excellent tips on effective opt-in email marketing. I have forwarded the link to your blog to customers. Keep it coming :)