Thursday, March 17, 2011

Watch Your Back. . . Links

Social Networks Backlink Checker is a Free SEO Tool for search engine optimization. Social networks have become important part any SEO campaign. Check any website's back links on the major social networks with this SEO tool, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more for free

At the most basic level, search engines try to find results that are useful to real people. For that reason, social signals of linked in sites are starting to carry more importance. So if you want to see if people using social networks like your site(s), consider using this Social Networks Backlink Checker tool.

The Social Networks Backlink Checker takes a URL and tries to determine how many incoming links it's received from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon. Then you can gauge whether you need to increase your social media marketing efforts.

Simply go to:

Enter your URL (Website) in the little box with the access code and you get your results.

Here is how I came up:
Network Incoming Links
Twitter: 70
Facebook: 578
Myspace: 0
LinkedIn: 726
StumbleUpon: 0

Larson Notes & Satire: I can handle that. Was very happy with Facebook, very pleased with LinkedIn but on Twitter? Well I guess I have not been working that as much. As for MySpace, well I have almost abandoned it. And StubmleUpon? I expected at least 1 incoming link but I think that would have been to one of my blogs so. . .

Taking this to its logical conclusion I need to pound harder so on the Social Media site I have more links out there and more links should mean a higher ranking and a higher ranking should mean more hits on my site and more hits on my site should mean more customers, right?

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