Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finding Your Sites Key Word Ranking

How good are your key word search rankings? It gets a little tiring to go though and test your site's ranking, one keyword or search engine at a time, isn’t? Here is a little thing I found a few days ago and have been playing around with called Keyword Envy and it addresses that issue in a very significant way by helping you find out how well you are doing much more efficiently by using all major search engines

This tool will measure a URL against up to five different search terms at a time, and will also check it on Google Canada, Google UK, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask in addition to good old Google.

Well I did it and talk about a slap in the face. Ouch! In one word string I came up NUMBER 1 but the rest of the word stings I really would like to be hitting (at least in the top 100 searches) nothing, nada, zip, goose egg! I guess I have some major work to do.

Then what reading level is your site?

I have done this a few times and well mine keeps coming up at a college level. Should I change it? I have thought about it but then I think, no, I am saying what I want to say in the way I want to say it and going after the people I want.

I have a few other pages that I need to elevate the words and word usage but I want my site at a higher level, not because I am stuck up but because I want to target a higher level of buyer.

So see how your sites words are constructed and the effect you are having on visitors in Readability Test:

This tool takes a URL and (at its most basic level) sees how frequently you're using long words. Then it'll pop out several scores to indicate whether you should bring the level of discussion in the direction of "The Cat in the Hat" so as not to lose people.

Larson Notes & Satire: You got to know what you got if you are going to change it to where you want it to be. I know (at least my front page is doing what I want. Word usage wise) but as for my key word search. Well I am going to have to do some major playing and restructuring. But it’s a game I intend to win.

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