Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Positioning Yourself For The Top Spot

That coveted top search position, so tantalizing makes my mouth water.

Now with universal search including images, product links, shopping links, social media commentary, video, news outlets to name a few of the new searchable items in the last 9 months,

Web searches and ranking has become more complex when going for a higher listing what is a search engine marketer suppose to do?

I would suspect that most of us underleverage our abilities in the area of natural search marketing. Without optimizing your site in some way shape or form you don’t stand a chance. Point is Goggles algorithms have become so dependent on off-site promotions that what you are doing away from your main site such as your Social Media Sites has become even more important in regard to Universal Search.

Now I might not need to be telling you this but it never hurts to hear it again. Start with the basics such as finding out how your customers and prospects are now finding you and talking about you. And make sure your site is fully optimized to play into this action.

After that I have 5 handy dandy tips for you.

1. Get tagged and named. Web sites are getting more and more complex and larger. Again images, video, auto posting capabilities. Doing such things as making sure your fines are named and not numbered. Now you do know that the Search Engine Spiders can’t see your fancy images and videos right? So you also know you need to tag or name them in a way that is relevant to both the search engine needs and what you actually have posted.

2. Your Outreach. Reach out and touch someone is a slogan that rings as true today as it did for MaBell way back when. You have a better chance to capturing that top spot if you go viral. Ya blogging starts to become critical. Your blog other blogs, you need to let people know that you have pics and videos out there. But in the necessary back links that are relevant to help with search engine rankings, but make sure it is relevant. Be a good neighbor and don’t force feed yourself and posts.

3. Be Newsworthy. News any news is a big part of universal search content. Not just the earth shacking kind we have just seen in Japan but softer kind, the kind that said you launched a new service or introduced a new product or open up a new social media page. This too is newsworthy. Try a press release both in traditional print as well as some of the online press release sites. All this helps you get seen and found.

4. Keep working Social. Social Media plays a very important roll in search and has since about last June (2010) when real time search came into being. Social Media’s roll in universal search in very important. Get yourself the object of a big twitter feed and you might move up a few pages. The more twits the higher you go. You might want to try posting a video on not just YouTube but try BrightCove, Viddler or, and I would do this even if you are hosting the video on your own site.

5. Get Local. More than 20% of the searches on Google revolve around some sort of localized search. So get local. You have multiple locations? List them. Let people know where your brick and mortar is.

Remember it is game of moving up and down in the engines. Learn to play and play well and you to up. Don’t learn or play good, you go down.

Larson Notes & Satire: The search engines can be very remarkable. They don’t care about your race, creed or color. They don’t care how big or small your company is, they care about 1 thing: How well you feed them information in a way they like. Ya it’s all about them, not you! It’s me me me but in the way for them them them! You want to be rated high, then do it their way or it’s the bye bye on the highway . So hand spoon them your information. This is your time to shine. To tell your story as you need it to be told. The louder you can get the more ears will hear about you. So SHOUT it out!

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