Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How’s Your Key Word Usage?

Using different words that mean the same thing can make your web page or blog post more interesting for readers and followers. It can also help you from making search engines think your site is all about some random overused term. I can across this (and quite a few other tools in my work the in the last week. This tool, the Keyword Analysis Tool helps you take a look at your use and possible under or over use of any given word or words.

Just provide the tool with a URL, and it'll return a list of the most commonly used words on the page. Look them over, and you should be able to see if you're using terms that aren't keywords too often.

Just go to http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/keyword-analysis-tool.shtml and enter in your web site.

Now I don’t know about you but every time I do one of these little exercises I not only learn something but then I actually apply some of what I learned and guess what? My site gets better and stronger. I found words that I want stronger and maybe some words that I don’t really care about that are over powering some of the others.

Larson Notes & Satire: I have lots of tricks up my sleeve. Not that I’m a web Houdini or anything but as most of you know my web site is noting to really write home about. So why do I keep it? It is a work in progress to see just how high I can get a two bit web site up in the rankings.

It is a work in progress to show how with a small budget I can go up against the big dogs with all their big time web developers, search engine optimization programs and (compared to mine) massive marketing budgets and blow them out of my pond. Ya, I want to be the Big Fish in my Little Pond. I don’t need an ocean of customers or leads but I will be the one who takes out the biggest catch out of my pond.

I figure that if I can do it my way for me, I can do it for my guerrilla loving marketing customers. You want to own your fishing hole? Then call me!

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