Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cross-Browser Website Compatibility Test

Found this little tool today from Gomez (www.gomez.com ). It has always been a problem that you make a site then cast it out there and you have no idea who will look at it or on what browser they will take a peek at your site. Heck I still have a machine running windows 98 for special purposes. Your customers and prospects are accessing your Website using different versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome and you have no control at all.

Now you can be a little more proactive and take a look at how your site will look on any number of platforms fast and easily at:



Larson Notes & Satire: It’s pretty good but it is not perfect. My site came up looking good on Safari 2.0.2, Macintosh OSX 10.4, Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows XP, Firefox 3.6.10, Windows Vista, but on Chrome & Windows 7, it showed a “no show”. I called it up on my machine using my Chrome browser and bingo there it was all nice and pretty or as pretty as my site can look.

Yet when putting together a new page or when I get around to a remake or a new site on a different platform and place now I have a tool to look at it in multiple screens.

So how did your site do? All good to go?

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