Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Should You Measure And Why?

At different times and different parts or a prospects sales cycle, you want to be looking at different things for different reasons.

It our wonderful economy right now you probably want to be measuring the number of web hits you are getting, the number of actual inquiries and responses you are getting, the number of qualified leads you are taking in as well as the number of close and LOST sales. (Yes I do could my lost sales as well as N0’s as a good thing). What you need to be looking at in these or categories you pick out for yourself is not the actual number but the % of improvement you are seeing as well as actual dollars in sales up or down.

Whatever you are using as a marketing sales tool should be measured. If you’re going to spend good time and money on something you need to know if it is worth the investment. I don’t care if it is online or off line. SEO, email mail marketing, blogs, direct mail, trade shows, billboards, you need to know.

Larson Notes & Satire: As you develop your business you get to understand that certain things mean things and have a direct correlation to another. If you know that for every 10 visits to your web site will equal 1 sale worth $500.00 in 4 weeks all you need to look at is your web hits and you can project your sales in a months from now. Sorry all you web analytic gurus out there it is not that complicated unless you need to report or show reports to some higher up “suite” and need fancy charts and graphs. If you have a running shoe store and you know that in every local race you will sell 1 pair of shoes for every 100 runners preregistered in a race you sponsor, you can predict your future sales. These are what you might call your companies “magic numbers”. Once you find out and learn what your magic numbers are for your company the sooner you can use web metrics and other marketing measurement tools to build your business.

Some might call this gut instinct. Maybe but it is that feeling that propels almost all entrepreneurs to greatness.

Oh ya, in case you are thinking that is the road to smallness, don’t believe it. There are some multimillion dollar companies out there run but the gut of the owner. They just also know how to delegate.

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