Friday, October 15, 2010

What Can Mail Do For Lead Generation?

What can Mail or E-Mail really do for your companies lead generation? They both have a place in a multichannel marketing attack.

Mail of either kind paves the way for increasing the response rate to double that of a single channel marketing attack. What you might use depends on your target and if they respond to electronic or ground mail

Looking at telemarketing studies where an email or direct mail piece was sent prior to the phone calls in an outbound telemarketing program being made, actual response rates can double by sending. Did I say double? Did I say double? Yes actual conversion rates went from 1-2.5% to up to 2-5% and even higher in some programs. If we put in another mailing in the middle of a Larson wave telemarketing campaign and we start to get to the WOW stage in action.

Mail is a conversation opener. It gives a starting point that a cold call sometimes needs to break the ice. Most Appointments are not going to happen out of an email or a mailing piece alone but add in a phone call (or 2 or 3 or 4?) and things start to get very interesting.

Add into that a post mailing piece and…. You start to strengthen the other efforts and you can get results in the 10% and higher category depending on the target, the offer and the need.

And any of you who have actually talked to me have heard me say that I do leave Voice Messages in a telemarketing attack. Yes I do, I figure that I took the time to call, I am going to say something and leave a message and I do get call backs. A mailing piece is an excellent way to hammer in my voice message, to provide yet another touch.

Larson Notes & Satire: Most of my customers only want me and my staff for our melodious voices. We can and do get results. Sadly they cut themselves off of hitting real pay dirt. “There’s gold in them hills” when doing a multichannel cold call prospecting program. But like any good prospector, the more tools you have, a pick, a hammer, a drill, dynamite, the faster and greater the work. Add in some heavy equipment like a pay loader and you really start to more some rock. Each element of an attack in the complete Larson Marketing plan has a purpose and supports the others.

There is a cost, but the pay off? Well if a telesales campaign netted 1-2.5% (2-5% with the long term Larson plan) but one with mail and/or email thrown in would get you 4-10% you work out the numbers with your product or service? What is that worth to your company?

Time to stop, have a sip of coffee. Mmm, Ahhh.

Ok, now, can you answer me this question, what is a customer worth to your business a year? Now can answer me this, how long does an average customer keep buying from your business? So for every new customer you get you will earn that much a year. Now tell me what I can do to help you make that kind of money.

Howard Larson
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Kim Smith said...

This is a very informative article. We used to purchase our b2b mailing list . If they do not exceed industry standards, they pledge to replace the defective data 100%. They are, by far, the best lead distributing company I have done business with.

Larson and Associates said...

very true Kim, a list or "your" list can make or break a marketing program of any kind.