Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Using Real-Time Search

Now more than ever people rely on Social Networks; Twitter, Facebook and others for news. As this was trend happening it became evident that the major search engines were not keeping pace with the market’s need for real-time news, real-time search. So the Yahoos, Bings and Googles in an attempt to catch up with the wave of need, started to give us Real Time search. They are now going in to the various Social Networking sites spidering them and giving them time and results with a key word organic search. It could be a simple twit post you just did or the head line of your blog.

Now ¼ of the top 20 sites found in an organic search are from Social Networking. A study from Oneupweb said that over 47% of people that are looking for information are viewing both real-time and sites from a SEO program.

As this new wave of Search evolves there are things you need to remember.
If you Tweet and want to stand out, tweet things that compel your followers and readers to click though to your web site.

2nd, don’t spam or do anything that looks like a piece of SPAM. If you schedule your tweets or blog postings you might want to think how you time them out. If they are scheduled going out once or twice an hour, stop and think again. That will put up the blog flags and get you black balled.

And lastly remember this is social so start or get involved in a conversation. If you want to be engaging, the more up front you are in the world of real time Social Networking and the Online Social Community the more your comments will be retwitted or reposted. And believe me exposure is what it’s all about.
Thinking about what you are doing before doing will get your Tweets, your blogs out to more people and as you are engaging your comments will appear in more and more search results.

Larson Notes & Satire: Keep your eyes open anytime you start to get aggressive in Social Media. ABM, Always Be Monitoring. Watch out for what is being said. Make sure it is what you want it to be. Be sure that you’re putting your best face out there for your fans, friends and audience. The results can be fast both good and bad, and they can leave a long lasting impression.

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