Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Power To Last

Unemployed? Over 50? Under skilled?

Are you one of the new unemployed people out there? Good work ethic, but no job future for whatever reason? You history filled with life skills but no one wants the hire you for your knowledge? Join the club.

No not the Mickey Mouse Club but the Club of Self Employment.

To this wonderful group of business people from all you new comers or soon to be members we have those who already took the plunge as a New Business Owner or a Small business person already making their own personal mark in the world of economic self sufficiency. We are the backbone of the world!

Now ask yourself if you have the staying power to make it as a small business owner or an entrepreneur? What do I mean by that?

Many if not most of all business owners have not done the research about what is involved to launch and make their business self sustaining. They have not sat down pencil and paper in hand to calculate out what they need to make it work, for them.

Let’s start with you. Yes you! It’s ok to be selfish right now. You’re not out to save the world here, you’re here to save your families economic vitality. What do you need to exist? You might want to make $200,000 dollars a year but once you kick out cable (yes cable is a luxury) the 4 meals out at restaurants a week (sorry restaurant owner friends but you too are a luxury at times) you might only need $50,000 a year. Big difference. That will pay your mortgage, your utilities; keep food on the table and gas in the car.

But let’s stay on your figure of $200,000 or maybe I should up it to $250,000 so you’re in the upper income of those people they want to raise taxes on. Let’s go back to you earning $200,000 a year. If you are going to work 40 hours a week and take 2 weeks of vacation that will give you 2,000 hours to work. If you want that $200,000 and you need to charge $100 an hour and you will make your goal. BUT not all your time is billable. You need to market, sell, research, empty the waist basket and all those other business owner kind of things. I would guess you will spend up to 1 third of your time doing those non-billable kinds of things, cutting off 700 hours or work. Now you need to bill out not $100 an hour but $285 an hour to make your goal.

If we are only taking $50,000 you only need to bill out $28.50 an hour and that is doable. Yes?

That is if you can keep you billing time filled up. Did you become unemployed because your past employer had the work to need you?

Think before you jump.

Larson Notes & Satire: As part of what I do, is I consult with small or would be business owners or owners who what to take their businesses up the next level. You know like add an employee or more from that spare room in the house to an office.

Business is full of hard decisions and small business people and entrepreneurs are hungry for success and will take plunges with their businesses which might not be in the best interest of their businesses. I can think of one owner who I was talking with who is excessive compulsive. I kept telling him to slow down and think first before spending or getting into any long or short term contract. He is one of the lucky ones. He only lost $1200 - $3000 on a bad web hosting web / building decision. It could have been much worse had he signed a 3 year lease for an office on what he thought was a viable business.
You can start and build your own business. Just think before you spend. For more information on the Larson system see PSS below.

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