Friday, October 29, 2010

Do You Need A Custom Landing Page?

Does your company sell different products to different customer bases? Do you do event marketing? Do you need segmentation of your market to narrow down the needs of each niche you serve? Are you going to hold a special webinar? Welcome to the world of the customized landing page.

Whatever you got, if you can narrow down the target to the service, product or event, even if you have made a dedicated page within your current website, it’s not good enough! The creation of a special landing page can not hurt, but help in so many ways.

If your offer is from an email, direct mail piece, telesales message; you need to make sure that the prospect sees what you want them to see quickly, easily and fast in 1 click. 2 clicks are 1 click too many. 3 clicks and your dead.

In creating a specialized landing page you can focus on that 1 target. Key words can be used. Your H1 title line can talk about it. Your Meta tag key words and description can yell out to the little Google spiders saying here I am, here I am!

In addition it allows you the chance to test marketing your service, product or even without a website remake.

If you just remember the basics on making a web page, good navigation, readable text, nice clear images.

Larson Notes & Satire: I have not talked too much about landing pages for a while. But these little things are really an untapped. It can take you right to the top in your targeted market without compromising the more broad based nature of your website. It really narrows down the clicks your targets need to hit to get to you. 1 click and they are there. Doesn’t get much easier for them to buy or sign up.

Add in a link to the home page of your company web site or any other page that makes more sense for them to hit with their 2nd click and make it happen.

Quick, easy, fast, that is what people want on the web. Make it hard and you lose them. Make yourself easy and accessible and you win.

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