Thursday, December 10, 2009

Using Social Media For Promotion or NOT

If you are using Social Media for broadcasting your company you might want to slow down. It is not just a pr tool to talk about you, you, you but a conversing tool to… have conversations.

It is a platform for finding out what your “fans” want from you not a propaganda broadcasting tool. SM is a powerful effective way to engage with people, not a way to talk to them but with them.

If you use SM for understanding of you and your service to the world, you’re on the right track. If you want to talk at people expect to get “flamed”. If your service/product is not liked because of lack of understanding, SM can give you a good opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects and interact and engage with them in a positive learning situation. If you are not ready to work at having a conversation don’t get stick your head out of the sand.

Larson Notes: Social Media is a hands-on real time happening that is more powerful than we might want to believe. As my previous blog stated we can become over whelmed but all the information being shoved down our throats but it is still a choice. For a business it is a tool. You can engage with people, see what they have to say about your products and services now and float out ideas to them on possible services you might want to offer.

The key is to listen. God gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears, use them in that proportion.

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