Friday, December 11, 2009

Search Engine Marketing 2009

In the early days of SEM companies had to go out and convince big companies on the value. Not so anymore. According to the trade group SEMPO 9 out of 10 marketers practice organic search optimization and 70% use some kind of.

Yet the markting is still evolving. Google has 65% of the search market but no one is giving them a free ride. In April Microsoft announce it’s now search engine Bing with an $80 million dollar ad push. Then in July Microsoft and Yahoo announced a deal in which Bing would supply the portal’s search for the next decade. People would could still search though Yahoo but Bing would be supplying the results. And as Microsoft puts 5% to 10% of its operating income on search for the next 5 years Google is moving to make sure it keeps and extends its lead by capturing the PC mobile world with Android phones and Motorola.

So what is at stake?

For charts see links:

Larson Notes: In trying to show the statics I think there is a forward moving tread that as the software gets better and cheaper more and more people and companies are doing or trying to do their own SEO. Still the more delicate things are still being handled by professionals. If you go that direction make sure the person you hire knows what they are doing and is capable of don’t a better job than you could be doing yourself.

It also shows how important SEO and web marketing and ranking is and how companies are willing to put more money into that part of their budget.

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Search Engine Marketing

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