Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lead Generation Starts With Targeting The Right Prospects

Getting the best lead generation usually comes down to keeping focused on a few things:

First, target the right prospects. Review who has bought from your company in the past year and develop an ideal prospect model. Industries, company size, geography, reason they use your company, who started the buying process, who made the final decision, why did they select your company, how did they justify the decision to purchase (now),. If you can answer these and a few other questions you will start to get a pretty clear picture of who best to target your company to.

Second, take a look at your existing prospect data base using your “ideal prospect model” that you just created. How do your existing prospects and lead stack up?

Third, craft the right offers to create or answer a need. In the process you will be creating a “suite” of offers the address different needs to your perfect customer based on solid knowledge you have collected.

Forth, is to make your timing as good as you can, using the right approach, be it email, mail, telemarketing or f2f sales call, keeping in mind that a multiple touch attack will net you more sales, faster.

Larson Notes: It all starts with the list. NO matter how you collect the names and numbers of your prospects if it is the not people who would or could buy from you, you will not sell anything. Case closed.

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