Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Twitter Lessons

As we close on 2009 and the first real year of having twitter as a major part of our marketing what have we learned?

1st, I really don’t need to know all this stuff right now. That’s right, most things can wait.

2nd That being said I do like to find about some things fast, I mean really fast. There are certain things that I like to be at the top of the knowing curve

3rd, Being the first to know something is only an illusory thing. Twitter is about real time knowledge and information. But when the entire twitter world know of it am I the 1st?

4th, Being the first to know or at least thinking you are is a real rush. Yes it’s like OMG I knew something before it hit CNN.

5th, That knowing something now can be addictive. Yes I am not turning off my twitter window.

6th, What comes out immediately is often wrong. Yes, sadly twitter responds to rumors faster than might be good and treats those rumors as fact. Red with a grain of salt.

7th, People that “need” to know things immediately use to be concedered freaks. Now it’s the norm. In the old days we would wait till the newspaper came or the evening news on TV. Then there was CNN. Now…

8th, Devoting this much time, to knowing everything makes me not as smart as I might want to be.

9th, Twitter’s long term prospects are dependent on a fundamental shift in human behavior. If twitter is to continue to grow, more people must become convinced that it is more impartment to regularly devote time to communication now with people. How big of a percentage of people can devote time to real time to real communication?

10th, “Knowing Now”, is exhausting. Time for a nap.

Larson Notes: Time is the most precious commodity I have, and you have. Don’t lose track of what is and is not important. If you use twitter or any kind of social media marketing make a daily list of things to do in their importance and follow it down doing the most important thing first then the second and so on. That is the only way I have found to stay in time control and still do sm and twitter.

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