Thursday, September 18, 2008

On MSN yesterday about phones service

Don’t know if you caught this on MSN yesterday but

17% of homes are cell phone-only

Here's yet another statistic to worry AT&T investors. Nearly one-fifth of U.S. homes don't have a home phone line. The residents are exclusively using cell phones.

A big incentive to drop the home phone is savings. A Nielsen report says a single person will save $33 per month by doing so, and a couple with two cell phones saves $26 a month. I wonder how many home phones exist just to support home security systems? Sometimes those systems require a land line in the house.

AT&T gets about a third of its revenue from the home landline business. In its last earnings report, AT&T said its landline count dropped 2.6% in the last three months to 58.9 million -- a surprisingly fast decline.

AT&T shares are down more than 3% today to $28.85.

Larson note: My parents went cell phone only to save money and now I can call my father or mother when ever I need or want to. Wondering if Dan H., my AT&T sales rep reads my blogs. Dan if you read this can you get me a discount on my land lines?

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