Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marketing Into Students Mobile Preferences

If you want to attack students you need to go where they are and how they want to be approached. Yes a new trick for an old dog (me).

According to Student Monitor, a college market research company 9 out of 10 incoming students own some sort of a mobile devise and more then 50% of them say texting is their main source of communicating. Not this old goat here, you text my phone (see previous blog post) and I’ll have your hide. The College Demographic is a digital society and has grown up with the internet. They live and breathe this technology while I struggle to make it all work.

A company called Hyperfactory has conducted mobile campaigns for several companies such as a frozen pizza company. But remember this is a group of people that gets bombed with texts. I know how many my kids send and receive and it is staggering how that much information can go back and forth. And you as a company looking to get noticed have to cut though all this clutter with out getting deleted. (yes I have ideas for companies in this area).

Another hot area is finding events for students and a company by the name of MTVU and its Campus Daily Guides which is a web resource allow both businesses and students running events to promote themselves to local campuses. MTVU and Zvents (which is a local search and ad network have developed sites for 25 US campuses and together these companies are working on a mobile application which campus guides would be able to interact with smartphones, allowing students the ability to get alerts on things like parties and events they are interested in.

Test messaging is also an effective way to reach students with coupon or promotional offers.

Larson note: different marketing storks for different demographic ages. Ok so I warned you not to text my phone, but I did not say don’t text my son’s or daughter’s phones. Yet don’t go creasy. If your initial message does not have a good message or bite to it you will be sent to the delete file faster than you could ever imagine. These mobile devices are getter cluttered and filled up and if you think your ad message is more important that my son’s girlfriend’s text to him you have to be creasy. College students use mobile devices as probably the major form of communication. You need to integrate into an event or something beyond simple advertising to catch their attention. You can also use texting but have a tickler of a coupon, a sweepstake or some promotion offer. I know I have watched my daughters fingers fly over those keys.

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