Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CD-Rom as a Tool in Your Next Mail Campaign

In a direct mail campaign the use of a CD-Rom can pound home your message like no other way can. Yet to maximize the value of this kind of promotion you need to ensure that the multimedia message you put on the CD or DVD be clear, persuasive and completely user friendly.

You will find heat many of the requirements for mailing a CD or DVD are the same as if you were mailing out a paper promo piece. The package design is important because it provides the framework that drives the recipient to open he package just like a paper piece but you need to get the recipient to open the package and pip it into the drive and take a look.

As your message and presentation unfolds the content are critical. You need to keep that person looking though the entire contents of the disk, not just the front page, or screen.

You need to keep the price frustration proof. The disc should run with all needed viewer programs included on the disc. Flash viewer, acrobat reader, mp3 viewer should all be resident on the disc. And make sure that any needed programs that need to be downloaded off your disc are installed with permission not automatically. Do not expect the person who gets your disc to need to down load a program off the web or buy an upgrade of an existing program. That will bring your view rate way way down.

And finally it is imperative to offer the target person some sort of an incentive. Not matter if it is a discount at your store or online, some valuable information or white paper, program demo, something! And again it needs to be seamless to make it easy for the person to get and do.

If you do put a well designed disc out there you will have good results (provided you get it into the hands of the right people (see earlier blog on having the correct list to send out to).

The programming of a disc will probably be more expensive that a paper only mailer but the pull and impact is only left to your imagination. Put your wings on and fly so that you have the kind of disc impact that makes people want to show your disc off to their friends.

Larson note: I have been active in disc production and programming for over 10 years. Full size, mini-rounds, hockey-rinks, rectangles, cut into different unique shapes, you name it I have done or seen it. Then to the programming side where with pdf’s, flash animation, video, and on and on. For mailers we have over 100 different designs we have dies of. If you can dream or conceive it on your mind you can indeed have it created. Want it call us today. We can make it happen.

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teddytowncrier said...

Howard .... Just a couple of supplementals.

A. Having an attractively printed CD increases 'open rate'.

B. I always like to pass along two. If recipient has given away his only copy; I've lost him and we don't want that. Do we?.